Sunday, March 9, 2008


The Foresters came to Rexburg for the President's Day weekend. We went sledding and snowmobiling on Monday. This was Adam's first time of actually playing outside in the snow and sledding.

And, they're off! Obviously Shadd won because of the small engine attached.

Preston biffed pretty good a couple of times. The best was when he lost both shoes and gloves.

Parker liked coming to pretty easy stops.

I had crazy Kelton on my sled and as my engine.

I think that Aunt Jordelle had just as much fun as Adam did.

Scuba Diving

I was certified for Scuba diving in December and as part of our Florida trip we went diving. We went diving in Epcot's 6 million gallon aquarium (2nd largest in the country). Grandma Paula watched Adam on the other side of the glass. As you can see he wasn't exactly the happiest camper. There were a couple of sharks, sea turtles, of course fish, and a few rays. The biggest shark was 10 feet long, and looked very frightening up-close, especially when he was swimming toward us. Grandma was a little nervous once or twice because she saw him following us around.