Friday, April 22, 2011

December 2010

In December my younger sister graduated from college (Hooray! Congrats dear sister!) Our parents and some of our siblings were able to come up and attend the graduation, so we went sledding and had lots of cold fun. I took Thing 2 with me outside and to the sledding location, so here are some videos and pictures from our little adventure.

I love this picture. Thing 2 was bundled up very well and in a pack so that it was easier to haul him around and up the hill. Can you see his little eye?

My brother-in-law gave us lifts up to the top of the hill with the snowmobile. It was nice. 

Thing 2 even got a ride down the hill, not very far, but he got a ride nonetheless. 

My feet caught some snow as we were going down the hill and it got in Thing 1's face, poor kid, was not happy at all. 

This was a lot of fun. Thing 1 had a blast (other than the picture above :) ).

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

These are a Few of Mommy and Daddy's Favorite Things

We were in the middle of reading scriptures about two weeks ago when Thing 1 said, "I want to hold Thing 2." Without waiting, he grabbed Thing 2 off of Daddy, and pulled him onto him for a hug. I quickly grabbed the camera and was able to get two shots. I love this one because Thing 2 is looking up at his big brother and actually laying on him. Right before I got the camera, Thing 1 said, "I love Thing 2." These are a few of the joys of having a big brother who loves his baby brother. 

For those of you who don't know what that little yellow blow up doll (minion) is, go watch Despicable Me, it's an awesome show that the entire family will love. Thing 2 is sitting up on his own and has been doing so for just a few short weeks (I mean sitting up straight up, not folded in half). He loves the minion and is always playing with it and hitting it.

 Thing 1 is normally right there with him playing and having tons of fun. It is so much fun watching the two of them play together. As Thing 2 has become more mobile in his rolling, Thing 1 is much more interactively playing with him. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Looky what I made!

I don't claim to be a crafty gal or extremely creative, but this time, I think that I can claim both. I have a friend who was having a baby shower and she had a little girl already and some items for this new little one due to soon arrive.  I wanted to give her something unique and nice. Well, my younger sister had a really cute mobile over my nephew's crib. She told me to go to the Porter's blog to go get the ideas for it (here are the links for a butterfly and star mobile). The butterfly one was beautiful, but I wanted to do something a little different. So with some ideas of my own, and some help from my mother-in-law finding some Gerber daisies and the use of a Cricut, this was the awesome gift that I made and designed for a friend's little girl.