Friday, January 7, 2011


It started off with just Mommy. She was the only one in the family that went skiing. She loved it and didn't have a whole lot of time or money to go before there were Things running around or crying. Then last year, Mommy's family went and she asked Daddy to go with her. After some convincing and coaxing, he finally capitulated (Big word huh? Gave in ;)) Little did he know the consequences, he loved it. We just had to find him a pair of boots that would fit him properly. Well, he got a pair for Christmas, as well as skis and poles thanks to the effort of both sides of our family.

Now starts a new story. Thing 1 watches a cartoon called Caillou. Don't ask, I have no desire to explain. Google it if you're curious. This character went skiing and Thing 1 decided that he really wanted to go. So after Mommy and Daddy talked and consulted with each other and ski instructors (her Mom Sister, and Daddy's co-worker), we got him boots, a helmet, and of course skis. And this is the result...

We went for the first time last night, and Thing 1 loved it so much! We had to make him quit. He went who knows how many times down the bunny hill. And then he begged to go on the chair lift. A friend helping us out and I just couldn't say no. With lots of help, Thing 1 rode the easiest chair lift and the easiest run five times! Mommy has done it! She has skiing buddies!!!!

Thank you to all of both of my families for helping to get my boys and myself on the hill!