Saturday, August 21, 2010

These are the only ones you get...

As a good portion of you know, I really dislike pregnancy, so to even show these to other people is a little bit tough for me. The only reason why you get to see them is because Travis requested some maternity portraits and Adam is in them with me. These are my favorites. A friend Heather Lyn willingly took these for us and in return we posed for her for an assignment, which included costumes and props, it was fun. 

I love this photo of us, it fun and casual, no you can't really tell that I'm pregnant, but I'm okay with that. 

This one is my favorite, I think primarily because Adam was attempting to give baby brother a hug, and wasn't quite tall enough to reach. He normally gives him these really sweet hugs while I'm sitting down. 

The only reason why I did the photos was because I had Adam in them with me, so don't expect to see many more. I think this one is very sweet, he pretty well did this on his own, I think.