Thursday, June 17, 2010

Road trip

Daddy went away on business, and I really didn't want to be by myself in a big house, so we took a little road trip to Utah. We visited one of my cousins and one of my favorite roommates from college. Although I didn't take very many pictures, I was able to get a few. 

Here's our little boy with my cousin's children on Temple Square in Salt Lake. He loved the water fountains and could have just sat at the fountain the whole time. 

The reflection pool was their favorite, primarily because they played in the water and could actually reach it. Thankfully there were no accidents and no one fell into the water. It was a somewhat warm trip so that shorts and t-shirts were worn, but it snowed and rained the next day and we were back to jeans and sweatshirts.

He loved looking at the temple, which makes me so excited that he somewhat understands how important the temple is to Dadddy and I. 

Here is my cousin and her children. We had so much fun! Thanks for letting us come and crash with you guys for a couple of days.

 As you know I'm not in front of the camera very often, so thankfully we were able to get a shot of us before we left. My goofy little boy! He's been in front of the camera way too much already huh? Sorry, I don't have any pictures from my roommate's place (I was tuckered out, being a single parent on a road trip is tiring!) but you can see some pictures she took here.