Sunday, October 17, 2010

Travis' Work

It's late at night and I'm waiting for Ethan to go to sleep. He takes a little bit to fall asleep and I've learned it's just easier to wait in his room until he goes to sleep rather than be in and out of my comfortable bed. I should be lying down or resting, but this seems to be the only time that I can find to do this without being bothered. 
 Travis currently has the opportunity to work in the auditorium that they are building on-campus. It will seat 15,000 people and has the same design as the Conference Center in Salt Lake. He wanted me to post this picture because it's a once in a lifetime shot. This is a shot from a projection booth where just behind Travis a projector screen will be. Once the screen is up you will no longer have this view from the booth to see. He's enjoying work right now, and is keeping very busy with the VOiP deployments. 

Sorry it's blurry, but you do what you can with a cell phone. 

Ethan is finally out and so am I! Good-night!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Before Baby Brother...

Two days prior to my due date, Jordelle called Adam and I and invited us to go to the zoo. I was so excited. Jordelle, Michael, Boston, and I hadn't been before, so it was new to us. It was a really nice day too. Here are some pictures from the zoo.

Being very pregnant made it very difficult to get very good pictures. (Sorry, couldn't help the very thing) So they're kind of random, and I'm learning that sometimes it's better to capture the moment than be terribly picky about the actual image, so I'm learning to carry the point and shoot instead of my DSLR. The birds the boys were looking at were huge, and they had a lot of fun.

Don't know if you can see the lioness in the background, but she's on the right.

Adam for the most part was tall enough to see over most of the exhibits. That was nice because he is not a light little boy.

This tiger looked very old, and seemed upset over something. I think it may have been their dinnertime, because it was close to closing time. We were actually the last people out of the zoo, we were...escorted out by a security guard after looking at the alligator. Oops. But we sure had fun.

This water fountain was so much fun. Adam could reach the side but poor Michael wasn't quite tall enough. 

My boy's corny smile, and  Michael's scowl. Thanks Aunt Delly, we had a ton of fun and were so excited to get out of the house.