Monday, July 29, 2013

We have Superheroes in the house!

My little guys love to grab their old Halloween costumes from their costume case and play. I love it too and one day Thing 1 put on his cape and mask and Thing 2 was determined to be dressed the same while trying to steal big brother's cape. Thankfully we had a second cape, although not nearly as bright, it still did the trick. 

Momentarily, Thing 1 is Thing 2's sidekick to help him get dressed. 

My two little superheroes! They ran around for quite sometime with their capes and masks on. You can't see it very well, but in the background there are a lot of blankets, chairs, and a pop-up tent. They had built their fort where they would jump out and catch the bad guys.

I think the next day they decided to cuddle with their teddy bears as well as each other in the big bean bag. They giggled for the longest time, pretend to be asleep and snore and then "wake up" yelling and laughing all the while. It's times like this that being a Mommy is fun.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

May Scout-O-Rama!

We take a trip almost every month to see family and by the time I feel like I've settled and gotten everything back to normal, we leave again! Hopefully that will get better.

So we're going to play catch up!

Daddy is a Webelo Scout leader in our ward and we went to a big Scout-O-Rama and the boys loved it. Primarily because the day started with a train ride. Thing 2 looks pretty cute in his Mud Scout shirt. I thought it was appropriate for the day.

Thing 2 fell asleep shortly after we got there, so I wasn't able to participate in very much at first. Thing 1 went to the National Guard BB Gun Range. 

Built a catapult with leaders and scouts from the ward. 

Daddy was in his element with the scouts. 

Thing 1 loves the catapult still. 

This is one of the boys' favorite displays because it was this huge train track. It was very difficult to pry them away from it. 

Thing 1 did a rock climbing wall and actually got higher than my fully extended arm before he spooked and decided to come down. I was pretty proud of him for even attempting to climb it.