Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pool Party

Adam had his first pool party with two other kids who are about 6-8 months older than him. He sure had fun though. He had just woken up form a nap, but he eventually got into the neighbor's pool. We didn't use our pool because there was the green frog pool he was in and and another one. Yes, Mommy did join him for some splashing fun.  Oh, and while we had our little pool party, Adam decided to stand for a little while and take his first step! Luckily after Daddy came home later, he took another step. He takes a step and then falls, but at least it's a start. Yay! I don't have to carry him as much, but at the same time Yikes! I have to baby proof even taller things. 

He did try to drink the water, and was somewhat successful, until Mommy took away the cup. I think that he's better with a regular cup than with a sippy cup. 

Can you tell there were kids there bigger than him? He sure fought to hold onto that bowl.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Walking with a toy

Adam loves his new toy. Our apartment complex had a yard sale on Saturday, and we find this nifty little walking toy for just $1. It's great because it has provided Adam with entertainment and it will help him learn to walk. This was Saturday night and he's not too bad with it. The only problem is that we don't have enough space for him to keep going. 

Saturday, July 12, 2008

This is for you Grandpa Kennon!

It was a chilly morning, so Adam decided that he wanted to wear his John Deere stuff. 

Grandpa, my shoes are too small now! Maybe Grandpa Blair will get me some red shoes!

He can clap

Adam started clapping today, and we really had to encourage him do it for the camera. So here it is. 

Friday, July 11, 2008

Box Time!

I have a whole slew of boxes in Adam's room from wet wipes and diapers for storing stuff. I just haven't had time to fill them, so Adam and I decided to make them forts and hiding places for his toys.


Of course after getting busted, he laughs

No he's not throwing a fit, he sometimes will throw his head back and just talk and talk. He loves looking up at Travis and I while he's straight down.