Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I skipped a few months I know. I figured I would get some semi-recent pictures of my Things up. I'm going to be back-posting here in the next little while. So, here we go.

We've been carrying on a tradition with Daddy's family that we really enjoy. Even Thing 1likes it. We go shooting. I'm not talking about photo shooting, I'm talking the the big bang with rifles, shotguns, and handguns (can't forget the BB gun either). A good portion of Daddy's family likes to go shooting, so before the big meal, we shoot in the morning. It was actually nice and we didn't freeze.

Grandpa was shooting the .22 pistol with Thing 1. Don't worry he had earplugs, and we are very safe with the guns. We believe in teaching our children about guns because we have and use them. Regardless of gender, all of our children will be taught to handle a gun.

This little BB was a bit better in size for Thing 1. It funny shooting in comparison to the big guns. 

Thing 1 ended up being the "Thrower", or as he calls it the "button guy". He sat down and pulled the lever to the clay pigeon thrower while either Daddy, Uncle J or I loaded it. He pulled the lever a few times for all of the shooters. This is Uncle R, he's an awesome shot.

Daddy with Thing 1 as the Thrower.

Thing 1 throwing for me.

He did it for Uncle J too.

This was at the end of the shooting. He was getting bored and needed some active play. Thing 1 missed Thing 2 as well, because he was with Grandma. Thing 1 will start coming when he's between three and four. Thing 1's nose wasn't even red, I was so happy with how warm it was.

After the big Thanksgiving meal; the Things and I went out with Aunt D and cousin S to play on the swing set.

Thing 1 loves getting height on this one!

Aunt D helped Thing 2 off the slide. It was awfully fast, but he loved it!

He loves the swing too, if that wasn't a look of joy, I don't know what is.