Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our trip to South Dakota (and back)

My sister and her family moved to South Dakota a few months before we moved to Salt Lake, and it worked out well that my younger brothers and Thing 1 had their spring break and off-track at the same time. So we took a road trip with Grandma. We had a few side stops along the way.

Our first stop was at Mount Rushmore! Having never been, Thing 1 and I were pretty excited, Thing 2 was indifferent, but that's understandable, you can't expect a 3 year old to be excited to about history.

We stopped in Keystone, which is the little town outside of Rushmore and got pizza that would be equivalent to Chico's Pizza in Moses Lake. Yeah, it was that good!

At a rest area, my brothers got out their little airplanes for a little bit of running around and playing.

Thing1 and Thing 2 definitely burned some energy at that stop. 

Thing 1 doted on his only female cousin, and as you can tell by the look on her face, she loved it. 

We got to go to Devil's Gulch in Garretson. This is the location where Jesse James jumped a gulch after robbing the bank. He then hid somewhere nearby and was later caught.

You can see the bridge where he is said to have jumped the cliffs. That was one well trained horse!

They loved reading with their aunt and cousins.

And because we missed an Easter egg hunt at home, we got to have one with cousins. 

In the city of Sioux Falls, we went to the Sioux Falls park. It was really pretty, but we didn't have near as much time to explore around the falls.


It was a race wherever she was pushed. She laughed and giggled every time.

On our way home from South Dakota we stopped a Martin's Cove. We had family on my mother's side that traveled in both the Martin and Willy Handcart Companies, it was neat to see their names on the walls and know that they survived the hardships they encountered.

I thought this was interesting. A local donated this beautiful wedding dress to the exhibit. Anyhow, the wedding gown you see was very expensive, know why? A rancher mortgaged his property so that he could purchase it for his daughter! I certainly hoped that marriage lasted!!!!