Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Daddy and the boys birthdays are 12 days apart. For Daddy's birthday we had immediate family over for a dinner and had his favorite cheesecake for dessert. He was able to open a few presents that the boys and I gave him. For adults we just keep it simple. Especially because Daddy doesn't want a real big deal made. On the other hand.......

It's a little different for the boys. They get to choose what cake they're having, and a few other things. We have a family party of cake and ice cream and they get to open presents. I was very excited about making and designing what Thing 1 wanted for their birthday cake. Thing 2 doesn't really care, he just likes the same thing as his big brother. Until they're not okay with it, we're just going to celebrate their birthdays together. Why you ask? They're three years and one day apart. They like celebrating at the same time for now. 

Yes they're names were on the cake, but you also know that I have renamed them here on the blog. I was pretty excited about their cake. No, it's not perfect, but it doesn't matter because it's going to be eaten, and the boys were so excited about it.

While I was working on the finishing touches of the cake Thing 1 and Daddy took a well deserved nap.

While we were singing to the birthday boys.

Thing 2 was so excited to blow out his candles that Daddy had to hold him back so as not to steal Thing 1's thunder.

My little 5 year old! I can't believe it's been that long!

Thing 2's turn! He was kicking and happy about it. No, surprisingly enough the string of spit didn't land on the cake, it landed on the table.

The boys and a cousin playing with a toy for Thing 2's birthday. 

 Of course Thing 1 preferred to be on top of the car.

Happy Birthday my little Things! I guess you're not too little anymore though!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Thing 1 had his first day of preschool at the beginning of September and was so excited to attend. Thing 2 was asleep during the pictures, and we were running a touch late. Thing 1 really likes his sleep and he can be difficult to get up. Even if he has gotten 11 hours of sleep. He attends preschool three days of the week for two hours. He barely missed the deadline for kindergarten by six days for the state of Idaho. Although he may have been able to get him in if we were to have him tested, we don't know if we want to because we're also trying to move. We're not sure of the requirements in Utah, and think it also may be best if he be more mature for school.