Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Spring has arrived in our new home and it reminds me of where I grew up in Washington state. Much warmer than in Idaho and fluctuating. So we will be posting images of us outside much more often. (I hope....)

Things 1 and 2 received an Easter package from Grandma and we opened it and allowed them to eat some of their treats. Well, after Thing 2 got his chocolate bunny, he disappeared. Knowing he hadn't gone out the front door, we started teasing we were going to find him. I heard him giggle in my room, and looked all over. I finally got down on my hands and knees and looked under the bed and found this.

Realizing he had been caught, he broke into a smile and laughter. It was a lot of chocolate he had consumed, so we pulled him out and washed that sweet little face off... and unfortunately took the last little bit of chocolate away. He wasn't so sweet when we took the chocolate away!

We didn't do an actual Easter egg hunt and I don't remember why, but we did one around the apartment. Something simple and easy. Then we colored eggs a few days later. The boys had fun no matter that we missed doing it the day before Easter.

They were "patiently" waiting for their eggs to be colored. 

Thing 2 absolutely loved coloring the eggs with his crayons.

Thing 1 worked really hard on his eggs too.  And was doing his best to be patient.

The eggs that the boys colored with their crayons, and dyes.  I did get to color and decorate one egg, but I did have orders on how to decorate. Like the Yellow Angry Bird.