Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our little Things

Once again, I am waiting for the little guy to go to sleep. I was out of bed four times and then decided it was better to wait in his room for him to go to sleep rather than be in and out of my comfortable bed attempting to get some sleep. So, I thought I might try to post.

Imagine I took these the day I got home from the hospital. The plan was to bring both of the boys home and take a few pictures of them in their take home shirts, but there were a few changes in plans and it didn't end up working out. So they got taken quite a bit later and we still had fun doing it. The romper that Thing 2 is in was actually the way we planned on announcing that we were pregnant, that didn't work out so well either, but I hope that we will have the opportunity to have it work next time (Which that won't be happening any time soon). We might have to make the shirts next time because they aren't cheap. We'll see.

We love our little Thing 1 and Thing 2. Thing 1 dotes on Thing 2. He still will give random kisses and hugs to him without prompt, although sometimes for pictures, he doesn't mind being prompted.

 Hopefully you can tell, but I'll say it anyway. Thing 1 was trying to give Thing 2 a kiss on the face, but it wasn't working and he settled for a hand, which he sometimes will do or a foot. However, Thing 1 doesn't like kissing Thing 2 where there is hair on his head. It's funny to watch especially when Thing 2 is jerking his head around.
 Thing 1 loves getting Thing 2 to hold his finger. Thing 1 will occasionally try to force Thing 2's hand open so that he will hold it.
Now that Thing 1 and my husband have been asleep for between an hour and a half and two hours, Thing 2 has finally fallen fast asleep. Night and enjoy!