Monday, January 28, 2013

Sick, sick, and...sick!

I don't know why, but Things 1 and 2 and I have been sick almost all month. Thing 1 hasn't been sick for about two weeks thank goodness, but Thing 2 and just can't shake it. I'm not sure if it's from this inversion hanging over the valley, or if their is something in our apartment that's not letting us get better. Our apartment doesn't ventilate very well and with the freezing cold temperatures it's hard to want to open the windows. Any thoughts?

Thing 2 has had the worst of it poor guy. Every time Daddy and I try to go somewhere on a Friday night he seems to come down with a fever. Then last Monday this is what happened.

Our poor little baby broke out in hives! At first we though it was an allergic reaction to some food. This is within 10 minutes of the first bumps appearing on his face. Within 30 minutes he was red everywhere and swollen especially his face, ears, and hands. I felt so bad just watching him put his face down on the couch or floor and rubbing to itch. He didn't have trouble breathing so we took him to an InstaCare and the doctor thought it to be a stomach virus because of problems with diarrhea, fever and one case of vomiting a few days prior. He said that some of the stomach viruses they have seen lately are turning up hives as a reaction. Poor little guy was so uncomfortable! Wish us luck getting better!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Late Christmas Newsletter

I know this is late, and that some of you may have already received it, but I'm going to post it anyway. We were only home for 10 days in December and we had a lot going on. So here it is! I did get the mailed on time, but we didn't have enough, or did we have addresses. If you would like to receive one next year, email us your info. We would love to send you one!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

This year has been a big year for our little family. We had lots of plans for our home and one acre, and had even started to work on them, that is until we found out we were moving. Yup, we moved! Who would have though huh? We certainly didn't! We moved from our little Rigby to big Salt Lake City. Mommy, Thing 1 and Thing 2 stayed in Rigby while trying to sell the house and Daddy lived with a cousin during the week and was home on the weekends. After almost three full months of agony, Momm and the boys moved to Utah to be with Daddy. The in Rigby has been for sale until just recently when we received an offer and we will hopefully be closing mid-January. Wish us luck that we don't run into any snags.

Daddy started the year off with BYU-Idaho and was certain that he would be working there for another five years at least. Content to go skiing at little ol' Kelly Canyon in Ririe with his family. Daddy got into HAM Radio and was participating in different Nets and truly enjoying it. He took a paramedic's course and is one test away from be certified for the Basic EMT level. An opportunity came about with a company called Cache Valley Electric, based out of Logan, Utah, but with an office in Salt Lake. Travis took the job and started on August 1st. He is so happy at his new job that there are times he comes home from work giddy. He has re-certified for his CCNA and certified for his CCNA-Voice. Daddy is currently working towards his CCNP-Voice and will attempt the CCIE by the end of 2013. At least that's the hope. I think it's funny that they have certifications for geekyness. I love you honey! Daddy attended a four-day defensive handgun course and thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a two-man-timed competition of shooting targets and Travis and I were randomly selected to compete against each other. He beat me, but he had better keep practicing because I'm not far behind and I'm gonna catch up! Travis is a very hardworking father and husband and we're so grateful to be with him again.

Mommy made significant headway with her photography business this year. She complete several weddings, engagements, and family photo shoots. Although the move has set her back due to the fact that a large portion of her advertising is word of mouth she is beginning to reestablish here in Utah. She is sad to leave clients and friends in Idaho but looks forward to expansion with the move. Mommy also proved to be a wonderful mother as she took care of the boys like a single mom while Daddy was making the transition to employment in Utah. She is a strong mother and wife for dealing with the separation so well. Times were hard and having to pack an entire home to be moved did not make the task any easier. She was saddened to leave the Young Women of our ward behind. However she has just received a call to serve in the Young Women here in Utah and is excited to be involved with the youth once more. Mommy completed a four-day defensive handgun course this year and did very well. She even beat Travis when it came to the skills test on the final day of class. (I have such a sweet husband! -Tasha)

Thing 1 is our happy, bright and cheerful little five-year old man. He attended preschool this year and absolutely loved it. He attended when the public schools were in session. He took swim lessons this summer and at the end was jumping off of the diving board by himself (with a life jacket of course). He can read is progressing rapidly. Thing 1 also writes and is starting to write out words and sentences without asking us to write it down for him to copy the words. His maturity shocks. After coloring on a piece of furniture, his punishment was to clean it up and possibly pay for the damage if we couldn't remove it ourselves. The funds would be taken from his savings in his treasure box. After realizing that his savings may be taken away, he started to cry. After asking why he was sobbing, he replied, "I'm saving that money so that I can buy groceries for when I have a son!" That's exactly what he said, we're not exaggerating. This was a heart warming moment for us as parents. We know how sweet our little boy is and are determined to keep that way. This wasn't the first instance that he had said something like that either. We are very blessed to have this special boy in our lives.

And then there's Thing 2... What can we say about this bundle of energy? He's in his terrible twos right now and very willing to show it. Especially when he's tired or hungry. We are slowly pushing though this stage and praying it ends quickly! However, there are times he can be the sweetest thing in the whole wide world. If you're apologizing to him about something, he's repeating, "Sorry" thinking he was in the wrong. Or maybe he's just parroting? We'll give him the benefit of the doubt and think it's the former. He will go up to Thing 1 and ask for "Hugs?" and will give Thing 1 as big of a hug as he can muster. With how strong willed and determined Thing 2 is you can imagine how tight he holds onto his brother. Thing 1 is Thing 2's best friend and role model. Thing 2 looks up to his big brother and is so excited to see him when they've been separated. It pulls at our heartstrings to know that they have a good relationship. Thing 2 loves cuddling with his Daddy when they're playing video games or watching a movie, but he still has to have his blue silky (blanket).

At this time of year we are truly grateful for all that we have been blessed with. Especially during this time of year we hope that you are surrounded by loved ones. Through these turbulent times we must remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have a Heavenly Father who loves us and has given us the gift of choice and a Savior. We are reminded, "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." - Luke 2:11 May you remember the reason for the season and have a safe and Happy Christmas!

Daddy, Mommy, Thing1 and Thing 2