Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Moment to Blog Independence Day

Finally, I'm not crazily running around cleaning, or editing or something that requires no computer time. So here we go. Not a whole ton happened in June, so I'm going to start back up in July. Particularly on Independence Day weekend. My family came into town and we were able to go up to Driggs at Huntsman Springs and participate in bunch of free activities.

This little car that Thing 1is standing by is the car that I grew up watching. It was used in one of the original movies in the late 1960's. This was...Herbie!
 An air show provided by the Air Museum in Rexburg. It was pretty cool.

 The boys were a little bored for a little while, but thankfully it didn't last too long. We actually stripped Thing 2 down from his shirt and hat so that he wasn't so warm.
 Here's my happy and joyous Thing 2.
 I loved this one of him with Daddy, waving the flag and all sorts of happy. Thing 2 was called a girl twice at this event despite the blue shirt he was wearing. So, he got a haircut a week and a half later.

 My Mom and Dad are here on the right. My Dad can fall asleep just about anywhere. No joke.   

 Thing 1 stole Grandma's iPhone to play games many times.
 My youngest sister. She was so fried by the end of the day, thankfully you can't tell, but she could feel it the next day.
 My parents in front of the Grand Tetons.
Fireworks from that night.

Monday was actually Independence Day and I introduced Lil' Sis to a group called Americanas located in Rexburg, they're a horse riding drill team. Rexburg's rodeo was that day and so we were able to watch her ride in the grand entrance and National Anthem. 
We were standing there talking and these little girls came up to her just wanting to talk. Now if you grow up around the rodeo world as a little girl, the princesses and queens are always shiny and beautiful. Well I do believe that these sweet little girls thought Lil' Sis to be a queen, they were absolutely adoring her.