Sunday, August 24, 2008

He's Walking!

Adam has taken his first steps completely on his own as of August 23, 2008. We were at my sisters Jordelle's when it happened. My younger brothers and Mom were able to see it because they were here for our nephew Michael's birth.

His face is just funny here because after he walks we all cheered and got excited. He just plopped down and looked at us all of us like, "What's the big deal?" We're so excited! Our little boy is growing so fast. Isn't he just cute?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Change of Name

My nephew's new name is Michael Ron Lovell. After they came home from the hospital, they decided that they wanted to change his middle name. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

He has a Name!

Josh and Jordelle have decided on a name for Baby Lovell. I don't know I was getting fond of the name Baby Lovell. Anyhow, he is now Michael Joshua Lovell.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adam's First Cousin is Finally Here!

Baby Lovell has arrived. My younger sister Jordelle and her husband Josh had their first baby boy August 19, 2008. No they haven't picked a name for him yet. He was born at 11:22 pm, weighing in at 8 lbs 4 oz and measuring 20.5 inches long. He kind of has a red hint to his hair, but I honestly don't think that will last very long after his hair is washed a couple of times. 

Adam is a cousin! Travis is an Uncle! I'm an Aunt! 

The palms of his hands are huge!

Of course, here's Jordelle looking as good as ever. Okay for those of you who complained that there weren't any photos of me when Adam was born, I'll explain. When you haven't showered or put on make-up or put your hair up since the morning before your baby was born because you couldn't feel your legs (from the epidural) until 36 hours later, you don't want anyone to see you, let alone a photo. All evidence must be destroyed!

Our trip to Royal (Short Story)

I made one for Jordelle that's pink with brown polka dots, hopefully it'll work for her as a purse/diaper bag for when she needs to run errands. 

I try to help Mom with the house, boys, and preparing for the fair, but I don't know how helpful I was with the house. Sorry Mom, wish I could have done more for you. 

We got to ride four wheelers. No Adam did not ride with his Uncles, but he did get to ride with Aunt Shelby and I. 

I also took Shelby's Senior portraits, I haven't had time to post them to my Photography blog yet, but by the end of this week they'll be there under Sr. photos.

The fair also happened during some of the time that we were there. This is the first time Adam has touched something besides a dog or a cat. Funny story about this little bull. His name is Wapato Ken Kennon, he's a registered Milking Shorthorn. Chris, the woman that owns him wanted to make the bull her own, so she added the Kennon onto the first two names. Funny huh?

I circled the bull's name plate so you could see a little better.

Adam was exhausted from his first day at the fair. He fell asleep with his red balloon, that he absolutely loved, and was the best entertainment for him. 

Unfortunately my battery was dying so I was unable to take photos of Shelby, Parker, and Preston while they were showing their dairy heifers. For the day that I was there, Shelby received Grand Champion Fitting and Showing for both FFA and 4-H and fifth place in her Springer sale class. Parker received a blue third in Fitting and Showing. Preston placed above Parker in Fitting and Showing with Reserve Grand Champion. I'm so proud of all of them. 

Flying out of Pasco was great, and thankfully I once again sat by a very kind person who loved children and babies. He was very understanding of the squirmy Adam. Once we reached Salt Lake, everything seemed to be going well, but our flight was delayed four hours. Not so fun waiting in an airport with an 11 month old. Airports are definitely not the cleanest place to play. 

I sat with a bunch of kids headed to the boys ranch in Victor, the program is run by BYU-Idaho and I got to talk to some of the counselors and Jr. counselors. They tried to help keep Adam entertained and even took some photos for us. 

Travis had work late the night we got in, thankfully Christine and Blair were able to pick us up, but I felt so bad it was really late. They thought it was worth it, especially after not seeing Adam for more than two weeks. Travis surprised me by having our house spotless, and bringing a box of chocolates from Chicago from his trip. I have the most wonderful husband in the world. Adam now has a nursery/playroom it's great. 

We're now home and enjoying the relaxed pace again, don't get me wrong we had fun in Royal, but it's just good to be home. I don't think we'll be going for two weeks again anytime soon. Unless Daddy comes with us...

I've been gone

Alright, for those of you who hate the fact that I don't blog near as often as I should, I won't give any names. You know who you are (wink, wink). I was gone for two weeks and didn't have the right cable to hook up to my camera. Since I've been back I've been trying to get over a cold, so there. Anyhow, Adam and I went to Royal to visit my family for two weeks, it was a lot of fun and exhausting because Mommy's not used to keeping the hours like she used to. It did build my stamina back up though, now that my cold's almost gone. I'm still trying to find the cable, so hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow, I will have photos from our trip.