Saturday, March 17, 2012

So long winter!

The weather here in Southeast Idaho has been very mild this winter. It's been really surprising to us. Of course we went skiing this year as family, and I haven't shared a picture from this season, so I have a few pictures and a couple of videos. 

This was the last day that Kelly Canyon was open for the season. It has gotten very warm (50 degrees Fahrenheit) and has been melting the snow like crazy. It was slushy at first, but towards the end of the night it became icy. I grew up on those kind of conditions, so it didn't bother me at all. It was a beautiful night to go skiing and we had a ton of fun. 

I think this picture is kind of cool, I think it shows just how fast Thing 1 is going. Do you know how hard it is to keep up with him going backwards and getting a picture of him with a camera your not familiar with? You try it sometime!!! :)

There were a couple of times that he decided he needed a rest and would just collapse and lie down on his back. What the really funny part was when he would roll onto his belly and slide down like a penguin giggling and laughing all the way. He did it long enough at the end that some people on the chair lifts were laughing because he was being so goofy.

Thing 1 no longer skis with an edgie wedgie (basically a tether that ties the tips of the skis together to force a snow plow), and he does awesome. He really wanted to use his poles this year, but he wasn't quite ready for them. I think next will be his year for poles. Here is some video of him skiing. This first run was at the beginning of the evening skiing and obviously he was still warming up. I'm proud to say that sometimes and of course unknowingly Thing 1 does parallel turns. It's so exciting! He also took The Face on again this year. Without his harness or edgie wedgie, and he did fantastic! My little man is going to be an amazing skier. 

I know this video is dark, but it is of one of his best runs of the night. Love it!

We have one more ski trip planned with Daddy's family for the end of March, and we are VERY excited about it. I will post more pictures after we come back from it.