Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catch up: Memorial Day

So, here's what we did on Memorial Day. We went to Grandpa P's grave and Granmda L's. We got to clean them up, put flowers on and spent time working on the garden. Again. Imagine that, prepping the garden around Memorial Day in Idaho. :) 

We went out to Grandma P's house for lunch with a good portion of my husband's extended family. It was fun, and Thing 1 had a blast with his a cousin-in-law of Daddy's.

Lots of tag and chasing.

Thing 2 was really tired and almost fell asleep in Daddy's arms. Daddy didn't have a problem falling asleep while holding him though.

Thing 1 was holding and adopted uncle's flag. He passed away on a British island during World War I.

Aunt D and cousin S. 

Thing 1 loves to help. Thankfully that hasn't changed. 

"I didn't do it Mommy" He said so innocently.


What you lookin at?

Thing 1 and Grandma GG wandering around the cemetery. Reading and looking at different headstones. 

Grandpa's headstone