Friday, June 15, 2012

This is gonna be tough

So we have been blessed to be near my sister who has boys that are close to our boys in age. They are very good friends and we consider my sister and her husband to be good friends as well. Excitingly enough, he has received a full time South Dakota. we are very excited for my sister's family, but are truly going to miss them as we won't be able to see them very often at all anymore. It's a time of bittersweet feelings really. 

Thing 1 had some friends over when his cousins arrived, so they all played together. 


They love digging in the gravel, although Daddy doesn't always like it because they have a tendency to put the gravel in the grass. 

These two are inseparable when they get together. 

And so are these two. It's humorous because they don't play with their older brothers when they're together. And their older brothers occasionally play with them when they're together. 

Lots of fun, and we're all going to miss them.