Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

I've learned to keep a point and shoot camera on the kitchen counter because my camera is always downstairs, so I miss things if I don't have immediate access to the camera. So bear with the pictures, especially since they are shot with my left hand instead of my right. It definitely was a challenge.

Happy Halloween! We carved pumpkins for the first time with Adam on Tuesday night as a kind of late Family Home Evening. Mainly because our well was being worked on, so no water. But that's a story for another day.

We could only get Adam to put his arm into the pumpkin twice, he sure thought it was, and I quote, "Icky!" The look on his face and reaction to pumpkin guts on his hand made it all worth while.

Travis pulled some guts out and showed it to Adam and he kept smiling while repeating "Icky, icky."

Okay maybe he stuck his hand in more than twice, but the only reason why was because he had a spatula in his hand and this is the farthest it actually went inside.

Daddy and Adam with our pumpkins. Not just the pumpkins that we carved, but we actually grew these in our very own garden. So exciting to me, and you'll see more garden conquests soon. There were more pumpkins about the same size as the little one, but when the cold weather hit we had to bring them in the garage and they had brown spots which turned into mold spots. I have a few ideas on how to better grow the pumpkins next year.

We decided we wanted to swap hats.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Birthday Boys

Adam and Travis' birthdays are about a week and a half apart, so I figured I would throw the two of them together for a post.

Adam didn't burn himself this year, because he learned about fire during camping and canning this year. It's hot, so he doesn't touch.

If you can't tell who this cake is, that's okay, Adam could. I didn't have a whole lot of time to work on it, but I'll do something better next time.
Maybe the stripes will help. Yep, it's Nemo!

Adam started opening his presents and was actually getting into it.

Yes, Adam received a tricycle for his birthday and refers to it as his bike. He also received some knee/elbow pads and a helmet he calls his "hat".

We thought a gallon of bubbles might keep him happy for at least a year with bubbles.

Here's my little man trying to ride his new bike. He's actually not too bad at it now. If you give him a boost, he'll actually be able to pedal around for a bit.

This is Daddy's birthday.

Travis received a set of golf clubs for his birthday as well as a range basket of foam balls to practice with in the backyard.

Adam loved having the balls dumped on his head and he made the cutest faces during the dumping. He still plays with the balls more than Travis, but its gotten to cold to go practice anyway. Any of you wanting to go golfing with Travis? There's a stipulation, I have to come too, this is one sport he doesn't play without his wife. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's all about Adam anyway

We decided to visit Daddy at work one day and go out to lunch. Travis is working in some areas where it requires him to wear a construction helmet. Adam actually stole Daddy's helmet from him while we were eating. He had a hard time keeping it on sometimes because he loves moving, but what 2-yr-old doesn't?

The cashier was handing out free little cupfuls of mini M&Ms so Adam obviously enjoyed them.

Sorry about the quality, camera phones aren't exactly the best for capturing movement. But isn't that an adorable face?

This was from the fair in August. I can't help but laugh, Adam was so tired that night as we were setting things up for the fair. Poor tyke, he survived though.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Farewell Fair Weather

The end of summer came on Wednesday. It was no higher than 45 degrees in the area. We had to turn on the furnace that night. It was rainy and windy. Yesterday and today have been cold and windy, but thankfully not rainy. Fall has arrived, so I thought I might bid farewell to the summer with some warm pictures. We went to a local lake and went swimming sometime in August, and discovered that our little Adam is a water puppy!

"I'm so cool, I have glasses like my Daddy!" Oh, these pictures were taken with a film SLR. Our point and shoot was dead I didn't want to take my camera, so I grabbed my film SLR and a roll and we had a blast and I miss working with film, but like knowing that my pictures turn out the way I want them too immediately.

Travis took his wetsuit so that he could snorkel and he took Adam out towards the middle of the lake. Adam loved it, but had a hard time with Mommy not being near as close.

"Time to get out, I'm freeeeeezing!" You can't tell in this picture, but Adam's lips were a purplish color, so we went and played on some toys to warm him back up.

When we finally ran back in, Daddy was done snorkeling so we just played. I know you can't really see it in this picture, but Adam was sporting the biggest grin while attempting to splash the camera and myself.

He loved being swung around and skimming the water.

I don't get in front of the camera very often, and I'm trying to do that so that Adam has evidence that his Mom was on the adventures/trips/vacations with him.