Sunday, October 9, 2011

Do you know what a pole cat is?

I know it's been a while since you may have heard from/about our family. I do apologize. It has been a very busy summer, and now that fall has arrived, it's cool enough that I can stay inside for a little and get some other things done. Well I thought that I might start with the blog. Here's a little story that I think you might find amusing.

About two weeks ago, Thing 1 and I were out picking tomatoes out of the garden. Mind you it was dark, but not cold yet. So probably about 7:30ish. Thing 1 had a head lamp on so that he could use both hands and see what he was doing; I had a long tube flashlight that I love how bright it is. While we are loading our boxes full of the wonderful red fruit I hear a heavy rusting of leaves at the edge of our back property. Thinking, "Great, who's dog is out and about right now." I lift my light up and see a cat, not just any cat, a pole cat (skunk) running full bore at Thing 1 and I. As soon as I took my huge gasp, I very urgently tell Thing 1, "Thing 1, RUN! There's a skunk!" We both ran for the house and to the safety of a clean smelling sanctuary. That pole cat stunk up the neighborhood for the night, and I heard the next day that someone had found it rubbing up against the foundation of their house. Yech!

I learned that Thing 1 recognizes the urgency in my voice, he listens without question which I am completely grateful for and that he is an awesome little boy.

More to come soon. So don't give up on us yet!