Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Travis' Birthday and Mesa Falls

Travis is now 25 (Yay, even lower insurance!) His birthday was last Wednesday. We went to Olive Garden to celebrate, and spent the night away. No, it wasn't that hard for me because I knew I needed a break from Adam for just a little while.  Anhow, the next day after we got home we went to Mesa Falls, and had a nice leisurely day of enjoying ourselves. Here are some of the shots we took.  

This is Lower Mesa Falls. I love my telephoto lens!

That's a long ways down Mom! It was funny to see Adam grab ahold of the rail when I leaned toward it. I think he was afraid I would actually drop him!

This is Upper Mesa Falls, it's over 200 ft wide and 140 ft tall. Maybe that's why Adam kept grabbing ahold of the rail.

It was fun walking Adam along the some of the paths, especially because he was wearing tennis shoes. He's not used to wearing a hard sole, so he really had to lift his feet up. It was cute to watch.

I think it's safe to say he had fun.


  1. Thanks for doing this...I love it!

  2. Cool pictures. We never got lower insurance when we turned 25. Hope you guys do.

  3. Tash it was so fun finding your blog! I'll be reading and following along from now on. Adam is just adorable!