Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trick or Treat!

I'm not near as crafty as my cousin Tanya, but I thought that I would try, this was also a last minute project. I made Adam a trick or treat bag to go with his cute little costume.
This was our first stop for Trick or Treating, Aunt Jordelle thought that he looked so cute! Who could blame her though!

Alright, hear me out, for those of you who knew what Adam's costume was originally going to be Zorro, I had an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Remember that cute and sad little video of Adam crying with the mouse costume on? Well, I happened to be in Idaho Falls while Old Navy was having a Halloween sale. Their costumes were $5. I couldn't turn that up especially when it would cost more to make the Zorro costume, and I didn't have the time.

Adam didn't cry at all this time in the costume. He actually hugged it when I brought it home and showed it to him. It's really soft, and had so much fun in it. He even tried to hold to his bag, but unfortunately the mittens wouldn't allow holding onto very much.


  1. I love that he was able to sling the bag around his shoulder like a little grown up while he walked around. I would have put him in them mouse costume as well. So cute!

  2. Thanks! Congrats by the way on your sealing. Sorry we weren't able to make it.