Friday, April 9, 2010

I can explain...

Why there have been a shortage of posts. It also has to do with the downpour of tears as mentioned in the last post. I've been sick a lot lately, and it's not because of all of the colds, or bugs that my husband and son have shared with me or vice versa, it's a little more permanent than that. And being this sick messes with my head, so I decided that it was best to wait until we knew what was going on inside my body. See the thing is...

I'm pregnant, and am 19 weeks along with a due date of September 5th, 2010. Hopefully you can see his profile and left foot in the bottom picture. I had to take a picture of the images with my computer, all the cameras batteries are dead, so the foot looks like his right. Adam has been excitedly telling people on the phone, "Baby brother!"(Yes we're having a boy) He's so cute about it too. When we left the doctor's office, Adam said this to my doctor, "Thank you for baby brother." And insisted that the ultrasound pictures are his, so I'm going to have to make a copy of them for him, so that he doesn't accidentally tear them.

Hopefully soon, the regular posting will resume, the colds and bugs we keep getting will go away. And last but not least the warm weather will quit holding out on us so that Adam and I can get outside and play/work in the dirt. Here's hoping!


  1. So precious! I am so excited for you! And don't worry, the warm weather will be here so soon!

  2. Huzzah! Congrats you two, we're so excited for you. We hope all goes well with the pregnancy!

  3. Congrats you guys. That is great that Adam is so excited. Best of luck.

  4. Congratulations! That is so exciting. Jen is due like right when you are! That's so much fun! We'll I hope you get feeling better. Jen has been really sick still to. Take care and you'll have to keep us posted! Love ya tons!