Sunday, October 17, 2010

Travis' Work

It's late at night and I'm waiting for Ethan to go to sleep. He takes a little bit to fall asleep and I've learned it's just easier to wait in his room until he goes to sleep rather than be in and out of my comfortable bed. I should be lying down or resting, but this seems to be the only time that I can find to do this without being bothered. 
 Travis currently has the opportunity to work in the auditorium that they are building on-campus. It will seat 15,000 people and has the same design as the Conference Center in Salt Lake. He wanted me to post this picture because it's a once in a lifetime shot. This is a shot from a projection booth where just behind Travis a projector screen will be. Once the screen is up you will no longer have this view from the booth to see. He's enjoying work right now, and is keeping very busy with the VOiP deployments. 

Sorry it's blurry, but you do what you can with a cell phone. 

Ethan is finally out and so am I! Good-night!


  1. Wow! It really does look like the conference center. What a cool opportunity!

  2. Holy Cow! I had no idea it would be that big! Awesome, I miss BYU-I! (And you guys!)

  3. That's awesome! It looks like it is almost done! That'll be such a great building once it's all done.