Thursday, February 16, 2012

The new year

I'm going to do better about this, just be patient with me. At least I'm posting once a month. Having Thing 1 attend preschool is making a little easier to post, but at the same time I think of things that need to be done while he's gone. And Thing 2 is of course very demanding. So here's some fun stuff from January. 

Things 1 and 2 are awesome friends. Thing 1 was making his bed and laid down on it and Thing 2 decided to join him. They adore each other. Yes, they get frustrated, upset and angry at each other, but you can see how much fun they have together. 

Thing 2 copycat's Thing 1 regularly, and Thing 1 loves it. Especially when they sit back against a wall. 

 Thing 2 is even worse with technology than his big brother. I had left my laptop on the table and he climbed right up to it and started punching buttons. I know you can't see it in this picture, but he was even kicking and swinging his little legs just having a ball.

I didn't quite get into the bathroom in time, but originally his chin was down on his hands on the side of the tub. He's pretty cute.

Thing 1 has a really good friend in the neighborhood and they are at one house of the other at least twice a week for a good portion of the day. As their moms we really enjoy it because they entertain each other and we're able to get a few things done.  One day I went in the basement and I couldn't find them at first sight. I found them covered in stuffed animals (or "pets" as they call them) on a big bean bag.

Until they poked their heads out, they weren't visible. The little hams!

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