Thursday, April 19, 2012

Montana, Big Sky

We went on a skiing trip. We got to ski for THREE whole days! It was awesome and great that it took us so long to get down the mountain. We were able to ski Big Sky and Moonlight Basin. Big Sky has the biggest skiing in America, and I know exactly why. Poor Thing 1 was definitely tired by the end of his runs. Every night he went into the hot tub and wore himself out even more. Thing 1 is also the reason for this title. Every time he talks about our trip it's not "Big Sky, Montana", nope this little boy proudly says "Montana, Big Sky." Yes, we have tried to correct him, but he says it with such gusto, that I don't want to correct him. This was our last trip of the season. We did more than just ski though.

This was the view we had from the deck and hot tub.

Aunt D and Uncle J. I was excited to get a shot of the two of them together. 

Daddy! He's improved so much since he first started skiing. Not only that he truly enjoys going, which for me was a huge plus!

I told you that skiing wasn't the only thing that we did. We had a snow ball fight too!

Uncle J didn't want to miss out on this opportunity, and I don't blame him. Thing 1 came up shortly thereafter and for the rest of his runs he was throwing snowballs at one person or another. 

Thing 1 at the terrain park. The terrain park was perfect for Thing 1, very mild and no worries about him falling back after going off a box that was too big for him. 

The time we spend with Thing 2 out in the snow just outside the condo was mostly spent sledding. 

It rained on this particular day so the snow was soaking wet. There was so much snow that Thing 2 mostly crawled around while Mommy laughed. He was giggling the whole time and we had a blast. 

There were ski bridges used to go over the roads to get to different runs. The condo we stayed in was classified as a ski-in-ski-out condo because you put your skis on as soon as you got outside and went to the chair lifts. Well these little bridges made for a great sledding hill for our boys.

This is how they rode down. Thing 2 on top of Thing 1. They laughed the whole way down once we got the snow compacted a little bit. 

Daddy hauling Thing 2 up the bridge because it was hard work.

The one time we made the boys come up on their own and push up the tube. Thing 1 took quite a few breaks towards the top. 

The beautiful condominium we were able to stay in. 

And of course there was finally a shot of Mommy skiing down the hill too. On this day there was three fresh inches of powder. The only problem was that it was icy underneath after the rain the day before. We had a blast!

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