Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Craziness

June has been absolutely, positively crazy! I threw a baby shower and a bridal shower, and I made gifts for both of them. We helped my younger sister pack up and move to Sioux Falls. Daddy was gone for a week for work. Thing 1 had swim lessons for two weeks, and I've been trying to refinish some furniture that we found at a yard sale. Like I said, super busy. Here are a few pictures from that very busy month.
These are some shots from the bridal shower. My baby sister is getting married July 28th and we're very excited for her. Our Mom was in town this weekend for our younger sister's baby shower (which I forgot my camera for) this bridal shower and helping our younger sister move. 


I couldn't post any of the fun ones, I would probably be shot for it. 

I bought this dress as a gift for my future niece. The main reason for the colors is that Baby Sister has asked us older sisters to be her bridesmaids. The dresses we are to wear are black with green sashes and silver shoes. I found an adorable dress that I made some modifications to this cute little number.

I added tulle around the bottom and made a cute green rose sash that is only tied on with an adorable bow in the back. That way she has two dresses in one. One with a pink sash or green.

I'm proud to say I made those adorable silver shoes. Sorry the pictures aren't that great I didn't have time to take pictures of it prior to helping my sister pack up, so things were hectic and short on time.

During the visit of our Mom, it was our baby brother's birthday, AND it was also Baby Sister's finacee. It's funny to think that these two babies of their families share a birthday. We love them both and are very excited to have Uncle C join our family.

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