Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I know it's been over a month, but I have lots of posts to go up, because I've been gone so much. But here's a start, this happened one week ago.

Thing 2 likes to climb. He kinda paid the price last week for doing so. He was halfway on the kitchen table and his legs were on the arm of the chair when Im not sure what happened, whether he slipped or was trying to get down, I don't know. Thing 1 claims he was trying to clear me lunch plate. The next thing I knew, he was crying on the ground with blood in his mouth. So I take him over to the sink and was rinsing his mouth out with cold water, thinking that he had only bitten his tongue. After a few rinsings, the blood hadn't slowed. After a quick examination I see a little blood on his chin and come to find that he hadn't bitten his tongue, his top left tooth had gone through his bottom lip! Having been to my ultimate stress level already I started crying. I called Daddy and asked if I should go to the E.R. Or just to Community Care. He said the latter would work fine. I called my Mother-in-law so she might be able to watch Thing 1 and thankfully she came immediately. Thing 1 was pretty upset as well. So here are the pictures.

The numbing agent on Thing 2's chin. They were both pretty happy and having fun at this point. Thing 2 is so tough! He had stopped crying within 5 minutes of everything happening.

Above is the actual cut. Thing 2 was playing with his lip because it was numb. Below is the actual procedure. Thankfully a nurse was able to hold Thing 2's head while I just held his hand and was able to take pictures for Daddy. 

This is actually after the suture. No it's not bad.

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  1. poor little man but the picture with adam it seems like he was fine :) my uncle got into a ski accident (hit a tree) and his whole bottom row of teeth went through his bottom lip so this isn't too bad :)