Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Christmas! AND We sold our house!!!!!

Here are just a few images from our Christmas in Idaho. We spent time with both families. Being overwhelmed with so many people with Mommy's side of the family I didn't get any pictures of it. Here was Christmas morning with Daddy's family. I made our boys some fun hats for Christmas and they love them.

The grandsons all in their Christmas pajamas and their sleds from their aunt and uncle. 

Thing 2 enjoyed his new cup, pajamas and hat after presents had been opened.  

I have some exciting news! We sold our house last week!!! It has been such a relief to finally have that burden off of our shoulders! After over a month of frustrations with real estate "stuff", we signed papers on January 28th. After five months of being on the market and without anyone living in it since mid-October we are able to move on and look ahead instead of over our shoulder and being bound. We know the new owners, let me rephrase that. Daddy knows the husband. They worked together at Daddy's former job. Knowing that the wife is excited about our hard work and my garden made it a little bit easier to let it go. Do I miss it? Yes. I miss that neighbors, friends and family we had the ability and opportunity to get to know and love. I miss the wide open spaces, our lovely one acre that we were working on improving and adding to help our growing family. The boys miss the room to play in the house as well as the ability to go outside without Mommy having to be there all the time. We are anxious because we're unsure of what our future holds, but excited because we have opportunities and faith that it will turn out for the best and the best for our boys.

P.S. The boys are finally well and I may be just about over my croup and laryngitis so wish us luck! Until next time. Which will hopefully be soon!


  1. So glad you got 'rid' of your old house. What a relieve that must be! Hope you are settling well in the new place, the new home away from home. X

  2. Please edit me out of the picture. Not the most flattering. Thanks!