Friday, March 22, 2013

Idaho Skiing

It's funny that the only time we seem to get to go skiing is when we go visit family in Idaho now. Thing 2 or someone else has a tendency to come down sick so that we can't go on the day that we're supposed to go. Fridays are the best day for us to go because then we're not tired for Sunday and we free up our babysitters. Thing 1 is getting so good at skiing and is confident as soon as he hops on his skis.

Aunty S is a ski instructor up to Kelly Canyon and we were so excited to go with her! Unca C was up to go to, but was the oddball because he's the only snowboarder with us. We were worried about him liking to go with us because he prefers a pair of skis with a motor on top. He tried snowboarding one night, was a natural and was hooked. We'll forgive him for being a snowboarder though :) Love ya Unca C! There were a lot of snowball  fights that day as we worked our way down the trails. Aunty S was merciless to Unca C, but I think he usually had it coming!


Everybody in our group, starting with Thing 1, Daddy, Aunty S, and way up in front, Unca C.

We love skiing! Okay, and snowboarding!

 Aunty S got quite the workout on one of the cat track trails. Chugga chugga choo choo!

Gotta love the staff at Kelly Canyon!

Aunty S worked a little with Thing 1 on a few basic things to help improve his skiing. She's pretty good at going down backwards.

Aunty S took the camera from me so that I could be in some of the shots, and right after she did she had stopped to take some pictures of us coming down the hill. Daddy started showing off and crashed! It thought Aunty S caught a pretty good action shot even though she wasn't ready for it!

My little skiing family. We're so excited to have Thing 2 join us next season!

Thing 1 didn't realize he was going into some deep heavy snow off to the side, and totally timbered! The tips of his skis caught and he face planted it! When he finally lifted his head, he grinned and in his goofy voice said, "Let's do that again!"


 It was a good way to end the day!


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