Sunday, September 8, 2013

Things birthdays!

We VERY recently celebrated the Things birthdays and we had an awesome day celebrating the two together. We went to the pool, playground, out to lunch, and had their favorite Super Duper Macaroni Cheese that Daddy makes. I forget to take the camera to the playground or pool, but I'm kind of glad that I did because I wouldn't have played with them so much. We're hoping to go back to the pool shortly so that we can catch Thing 1 swimming on video. We're very pleased that he figured out how to swim underwater on his own! Thing 2 also figured how to swim with his life jacket on without Mommy or Daddy. It's so fun to watch him. It's really funny to watch when he decides he is done swimming on his stomach and just rolls onto his back and floats. He's so chill and relaxed! Depending on when we get back to the pool, I'm hoping to share pictures soon!

Here are pictures from them opening presents and blowing out candles on their birthday cake.

 They love their soft Angry Birds hooded blankets.
And below is Adam opening his much desired Cowboy boots. He's been wanting these for a very long time.

The joy of a boy, his Angry Bird blanket and his Cowboy boots.

The Things again agreed on a birthday cake theme. I hope that they do that for the next few years to make things easier, but if not, I'll make something work. I want to keep them happy. So here is their Lego cake. I wanted to do fondant, but with our recent move and unpacking still, I didn't have time.

I was so excited to have found Lego candles on clearance! Bonus!

Happy birthday my handsome not so little Things! Mommy and Daddy love you very much!!!!!

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