Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Adam is back

He eats! There are two things that we know Adam won't eat and we don't know why, we think it might be the texture. He doesn't like potatoes (which is strange for here in Idaho) and ground beef. But he loves his grilled cheese sandwhiches.

We as a family like the show George Lopez. The theme song happens to be Low Rider, and we all love it. Whenever we watch and hear the intro/theme Adam just starts dancing away. Grandma Christine has the song for Grandpa's ringtone, and you may not be able to hear it, but this is what Adam looks like when he hears it.

I knew this day would come, I just didn't think that it would be this soon.


  1. Adam jumping off the couch is hysterical! I love the things that little boys do at such young ages!

  2. I cannont believe how big Adam is! It seems like yesterday you guys came to my apartment to tell me you're engaged! How times flies! He sure is cute!!!