Friday, May 15, 2009

Cute Little Adam

I remember my Grandma used to have two of these cars in her basement and we loved to play with them. Before we moved from our apartment, Adam loved to play with this car, and finally figured out how to move it with his feet. Although it may not be forward, he still figured it out.

My other Grandma and an aunt visited the day after we moved in, so we had lots of things still out. One of the boxes had the bottles for our water storage, so Adam, Grandma, and our aunt decided to play with them for a while. Adam had a blast, and we really enjoyed having Grandma come to visit. Thanks Grandma, it was great to see you and show you our new home. We love you!


  1. Thanks Tasha, I really enjoy reading and watching your posts about our adorable little Adam. I hope that he is over the "Chickies".

  2. The reason I have two cars is because you and Shadd used to fight over the one that I had so I got another. I still have them. Thanks for the cute pictures.