Friday, September 18, 2009

Grant County Fair

Aww, the fair, I love it! This was an event I looked forward to every summer. Not only because of the rodeos we attended, but because of the atmosphere. I showed dairy heifers and my younger siblings still do. I showed from the time was about 6 until I was 18. It seemed longer, and I was sad to have it end. But maybe that will change in the future.... instead of being the exhibitor maybe I'll get to be the exhibitor's mom? Hehehehehe

Here's Adam leading an 1100-1200 lbs pregnant heifer. With just a tad bit of help from Aunt Shelby. Adam would pull with all of his might and Snowball (the heifer) would just sit there and look at him, almost as if she was laughing.

Shelby Won in her division of Fit and Show. As the Grand Champion she competes against the other Grand Champions who show different species the event is called Round Robin. Each winner starts with their own animals and rotates from sheep, to pig, goat, horse, beef, and dairy. Shelby's not showing here, just waiting for rotation, if she were to do this in the ring while showing, boy howdy, she wouldn't even be considered for Round Robin winner.

Parker and Adam intently watching as Shelby shows a pig. You may be wondering what's with the white clothes. As dairy showing folks at the Grant and Adams' County Fairs we are required to wear white show clothes. Why? We don't know. But a judge did tell me once that it makes our heifers stand out more than anything. I personally think it to be mainly tradition.

Adam was attempting to pet Shelby's heifer, and she was attempting to lick him. Cattle don't bite people in defense, they usually charge or kick. But because of how friendly they may be they might lick. And when you get licked it hurts. Imagine having the coarsest sandpaper being wet and rubbing down your arm. Yeah, ouch.

No he didn't get licked, just was grossed out by the wet and slobbery nose.

My brothers loved having Adam there because he helped with their barn duty. I remember when my brothers loved helping, but that changed when they actually had to do it. ;)

Kelton showing his heifer Miami.

Preston showing his heifer, I can't remember her name though.

Papa talking to Adam about the heifers and my brothers.

This is the class where Shelby earned Grand Champion. The three ribbons and one belt buckle you receive are beautiful, but I forgot to get pictures of them. I think that Shelby has at least a dozen buckles. I have about ten or twelve, but I only have three with me now, the rest are back in Washington

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