Sunday, March 13, 2011

Last one, I promise! (for this season at least...)

So, I am SOOOO proud of Thing 1, he has been fantastic this year at our favorite family winter sport. Yup you guessed it, we went skiing. Again. This was the first time that he was able to go during the day. He had his goggles on most of the day so when he took them off for a picture, he said, "Wow, it's blue!" After replacing the goggles, surprisingly yelled, "It's pink now!" It was so funny to see him shocked by the color changes his goggles made. It was a beautiful day being warm and sunny, and the snow wasn't too bad either. Daddy, Thing 1, and I all have sunburns from our cheekbones down. Daddy and Thing 1 also have some sunburn on their foreheads as well. You can see the red cheeks in this picture.

Thing 1 also hit a major milestone yesterday. He went down his first BLACK DIAMOND! There are different levels to skiing, Green Circles which are the easiest and Double Black Diamonds being the hardest. There are varying levels and degrees, but these are the basics, or at least what I was taught. Here are the levels

Green Circle
Blue Square
Black Diamond
Double Black Diamond

Does that tell you what he went down? I'm so flipping excited! He had a little help, but didn't fall or anything, and did great!

And by the way, he skis WITHOUT a harness! He's gone without!

He also wanted to go off of some jumps that are taller than him. I, being overprotective Mommy that I get to be, said maybe next year. He really wanted to go on the boxes that are on the jumps course, so we took him over, and let him attempt two of them. Although he didn't land them he still wanted to keep trying.
Aunt Shelby went with us and she was a lot of fun too. Thanks for bringing the camera, we forgot ours.

Daddy's getting better too.

We're sad that it's the end of the ski season, but will be back and rearing for more next season, more confident and daredevilish. Especially if Thing 1 has anything to say about it!

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