Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thing 2

Okay, I am very proud right now of Daddy, he's posted three times within two months! I know I'm not doing so great, so hopefully this will help. Thing 2 is also lacking in appearances and braggings on our family blog, so this post is all about him. Disclaimer: Whether or not it involves other is at my discretion :) These images start back in September, so if Thing 2 looks so infant, it's because he was.

This is one of Daddy's favorite things, cuddling with his boys and knowing that Thing 1 wants to join him.

You're probably wondering why this picture is so far away from Thing 2? Notice a pair of feet underneath the chair where Thing 2 is sitting? Thing 1 used to like hiding from us under there. He was pretty good at it too because the blanket hid him.

Believe it or not Thing 1 took this shot of Thing 2, and he's only getting better.  He's even started grabbing my big camera, not just the point and shoot I have on hand.

Thing 1 took this shot as well. Scary huh?


My cute little pumpkin for Halloween. He had Millia (baby acne) for the longest time, thankfully it wasn't painful, and it went away I think in November. He has the smoothest face now.

I love seeing images of him crying. Weird I know, primarily because I know it's a genuine image, I know it's not posed or set up or anything.


The first time I was able to finally capture his adorable little smile on camera. He was a toughy to catch because we always liked making him smile, we just never got the camera out in time to capture it.

Before Christmas, Thing 1 decided that Thing 2's sleeping with his arm out made a great tree branch. First it was the candy cane....

Later it was the largest ornament on the tree. Or should I say Thing 2's hand? It was fun.

More posts to come on Thing 2. As well as a bunch of catching up. I'll do better, I promise.

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