Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas is almost here!

I'm so excited for Christmas, and I just can't stand it! It's not because of the gifts (Although, I'm excited to give to my boys). It's because Thing 1 understands the true meaning of Christmas. At first he was pretty excited about Santa coming, however, Santa hasn't been that big of a deal once we explained Christmas with my Nativity. The first Family Home Evening of December we talked about The Nativity. We used my special Nativity that Dad gave me as "action figures". It was so exciting seeing everything click in Thing 1's eyes. We have even focused family scripture study and all of our FHEs on the birth of Christ. It's been a wonderful experience. Don't get me wrong, Santa is coming Christmas and for many more Christmas', but he's not at the forefront, let alone the reason why we celebrate this wonderful day. Merry Christmas and may you remember the true reason why we celebrate this blessed holiday.

P.S. The snow has finally arrived here lil old Southeast Idaho, so I'm no longer in rebellion, enjoy the snow!

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  1. I love this Tasha. It would be great if more people realized the reason we celebrate Chrismas.