Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More of July (To help remind me it doesn't stay cold forever here)

I am in complete an total rebellion. Until the snow stays on the ground, I will not be putting up a snow background. I was so excited for snow, but it has yet to come. No, it's too cold to snow, it has certainly tried. Last week there was an awesome storm that put down maybe two inches in IF, but it was gone by the end of the day. So there, :)

Back to when it was warmer and sunnier..... Thing 2 received his first haircut and it went awesome. No crying or fussing. He talked and giggled with the stylist, it was awesome! So I've been giving him his haircuts since. No, I haven't had professional training. I was taught on dairy heifers. I used to clip them with big animal shears, and I was good at it. I like the haircuts that I give my boys, because they look good. Before his haircut


Mommy went with Daddy to a Cisco Live! conference in July. Guess where? Las Vegas! It was exciting for about 24 hours. Going out on the strip at night was not a good idea, but it was the only time we got to go out together. The outlet malls were nice for picking stuff up for the boys, but there wasn't much else I got to do. I ended up getting a nasty cough, and I was coughing up cigarette smoke and who knows what else for a week. It was disgusting.

At the end of July, Dad and I had three family members graduate from BYU-Idaho. Yay! We were so proud of them. Dad's sister-in-law graduated from Recreational Leadership.

Dad's younger sister and her husband as well. She graduated I believe with an Arts degree and he graduated in Computer Information Technology. All three of them received a Bachelor's of Science.

Come on give me some credit, I'm doing better! :)


  1. Thanks for the post. It is great to look back and see how much those little ones have grown.

  2. Love reading about the summer. Its nice to think of warmer times. I also love all the pictures. :)

  3. Tasha,

    Can you remove my husband's name from your sidebar? Just link to my blog using my name. We're dealing with some privacy issues. Thanks!