Saturday, November 3, 2012

Now that we are settled(?), here's Halloween!

I think we have adjusted much better to living in the Salt Lake Valley than we expected. All of the moving boxes have been removed from our humble apartment and there is space to move around. I personally am finding that there are many more things to do than I expected. I was worried about going stir-crazy in the small apartment, but we're doing pretty well. Our little Things are in a bunk bed and love it, at least for the most part. Thing 1 was definitely excited about being on the top bunk, and Thing 2 seems to like his big bed. He does pretty well staying in it for the most part, but there are times we have to go put him back in bed. Daddy is super excited that we are finally living with him, and that we are all together. 

A few weeks before we moved, the boys and I carved pumpkins. Thing 1 has never really been all that fond of this activity for the fact that he hates scooping out the pumpkin guts. Thing 2 loved pulling out the seeds and the slime though! It was so funny to watch the different reactions on their faces!

This is really how Thing 1 looked during most of the scooping. 

Thing 2 dug right in and was even trying to get his face in to see what he was grabbing. 

Thing 1 was a ghost last year and decided that he wanted to wear his same costume this year. I was totally fine with that! Not having a costume leftover from Thing 1 for Thing 2 at this size we started coming up with ideas. Thing 1 settled this dilemma after I asked what he thought his little brother should be, "I want Thing 2 to be a ghost too!" So without question, I knew exactly what I had to do. 

Here are our little "Boos"

Thing 1 particularly loved his "Ooooo" noise he got to make. 

Thing 2's face is a a look of "Uh-oh"

It took Thing 2 a little bit to figure out how to open his Trick or Treat bag so that he could receive candy.

Once he figured it out, he kept it open almost the whole time he walked. 

Then decided that he would rather ride, eat his candy, and have someone push the stroller up to the door. 

Thing 1 was sure excited about his caramel Twix!

The group of kids we had the opportunity to go Trick or Treating with included my cousin's older two children and two of their friends. They all had so much fun together!

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