Monday, February 9, 2009

It's been a while

For those of you who enjoy reading my blog and others, I apologize, things have just been a tad bit busy, so here's a whole slew of pictures to make up for the last little while. You can't say I didn't warn you about a post every now and then when school started back up.

I babysit Michael (my nephew and Adam's only cousin) on Tuesdays while Jordelle goes to class because I don't have class on Tuesdays. Anywhoo... Adam had a rough night so he came into my bed and didn't get up until late so when Michael arrived Adam was just getting up.

Michael doesn't take too bad of a picture either.

And of course, men or boys, don't look too bad in the mornings.

Travis and I were playing with Adam under a blanket and the static just added to the fun.

I love this picture because he's truly laughing. I would have loved to submitted this picture to my cousin Jenna's photo challenge, but it was after the fact.

This could be bad. He loves putting on Travis' and my shoes, so either he is going to be a shoe-aholic, or he just likes copying us.

This cake was my first project for my cake decorating class. I'm proud to say I made everything . The cake of course is chocolate, so is the main frosting, and I also did the designs and made the roses myself. I wanted to submit this one for another one of Jenna's challenges, but I forgot to take picture of it before it went into the freezer up on-campus. I will hopefully find out this week the grade I received for this lovely buttercream frosting project. Wish me luck!

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