Wednesday, February 11, 2009

May I have your opinion?

Someday I will have a website for photography, however a blog will have to suffice for now (Sigh). I have decided that a blog that sits on the same page with the same photos gets old, that's where you come in. Hopefully you can see that I have posted a little poll on the side of my blog. If you could possibly just answer it with one click I'd appreciate it. I'm trying to get my name out there as a photographer and would appreciate any comments or suggestions that you might have concerning my work or blog. You're awesome!

P.S. Starting tomorrow you will see new posts. I promise! (On the photography blog that is!)


  1. You should talk to someone that teaches the web design class and see if they have an assignment where one of the students could design you a website for free as part of their grade... it's worth a thought

  2. So cute. I wish I would have seen you all this weekend.
    Grandma B