Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valentines/President's Weekend Continuation

Following our snowshoeing expedition, Adam sat in Des and Jake's car to get warmed up. He was enjoying a Fig Newton and a Nilla Wafer when he propped his feet up on their dash. It was pretty cute.

This was Sunday after/during church. Grandma offered to take Adam so that we could enjoy church. It was great! Anywho... Jordelle taught the boys and Shelby to play Yahtzee and Adam was game for it. If only he could understand.

Poor Michael! He had to sit on the couch because he can't do much.

I thought this was a moment to remember. Adam always struggles when my parents come to visit. Primarily because he recognizes them but doesn't know them. He warmed up a lot faster this time around, and even gave both grandparents kisses a couple of times. He even kissed Shadd! :) Grandpa Kennon was playing with Adam and his quiet book and had a great time.

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