Thursday, July 2, 2009

It finally happened...

Poor Adam, he went going downstairs last night a lot faster than he normally would. I was in the kitchen and Travis was in the basement. We think that probably half way down he leaned too far forward and went head over heels. Because Travis was in his office, he heard his first thump and whine and ran to the bottom of the stairs and was able to catch Adam before hitting the bottom. I thought that the thump was from Travis and he had scared Adam thus creating the whine. When Adam started crying I thought it was because he was terrified. The look on Travis' face said otherwise. Adam was bleeding a little bit, but we couldn't find where, it was either his lip or tongue. He ended up being fine and just a little spooked, but he definitely doesn't go down the stairs near as fast as he did before. When we first moved here in April we debated on getting a gate, but Adam has always been so careful, that we put those thoughts to rest. I think this has reopened the debate.


  1. Ohh, poor Adam! Don't worry, though, he'll bounce right back before you know it, all little boys do!

  2. Don't worry about a gate. It only takes one fall for them to learn to be more careful. Glad he is okay though!