Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day Five of Our Cruise

I'm slowly getting there. Sheesh, don't get so crabby! Anyhow, Day Five was in St. Maarten, U.S. Virgin Islands. It was my favorite day as well as Travis'. We went Scuba diving first thing in the morning, what a great way to start the day.
Our dive was a two tank dive which also included two different locations. The first tank and dive was around a small coral reef which also had parts of ships in the area. We saw this huge anchor on the ocean floor as well as other bits and pieces. The second tank and dive was around a sunken ship, we got to see a lot of marine life and swim through parts of the ship if we wanted to. I'll admit it, I was chicken, there's something about swimming through a sunken ship that spooks me. Not my brave Travis though, he had no problem swimming through the wheelhouse.
My other favorite part of the day was getting all fancied up for the evening dinner with my handsome husband. We had so much fun that day, that I didn't worry about Adam at all.

How sweet we're holding hands. I think that I did it more for comfort than for the photographer, I was just a little nervous being so far from the surface. Normally when I dive here in Idaho the surface is less than 15 ft. However for the first dive we were at least 50 ft down, and the second was 75 ft.

The photographer was from Australia and his name is Paul Tustin. Boy, underwater photography and topside photography are two completely different seahorses of a different color.

I know you're going to hate me Shelby, but oh well. I think she looked nice when her tongue wasn't sticking out. :)

You'll never guess who picked who picked out his outfit. I know it's corny to match, but I think that he looks hot! Especially in so much black.

Yours Truly overlooking the mall on our ship. Yes, I repeat there was a mall on our ship.

Until tomorrow. I promise I'll do better.


  1. Your dress is sooo pretty! I love it. You and my parents are going to have to get together and go diving all the time now.

  2. Tash that look slike so much fun and you seriously look really pretty in that Dress. Who's the hottie? I think this time it is you.