Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day Six of Our Cruise

Alrighty, we're almost finished with the Cruise posts so I can return to blogging about our adorable little boy and his life. I promise, you're almost through with us. Once school starts on Wednesday you'll probably be back to seeing a post once a week or every few. I'm hoping to do better this year, but only time will tell.

There was a soft serve, self-serve ice cream machine on the pool deck that was pretty much open 24/7. Travis sure enjoyed when I would let him. Yeah, he did sneak a few like right after breakfast as we were walking back to our stateroom.

We think that Adam would have loved to play in the H2O zone. This is one reason why we would have loved to have brought him. 1. To see him play in this area. 2. To watch him walk down a hallway as the ship was rocking from 15 ft swells. Yes, we're cruel, but you have to admit it would be funny to see.

Kelton, Travis, and I were sitting at a railing and someone had left their empty beer bottle. It was just to tempting not to. Sorry Mom, I promise that he didn't drink it though. He didn't want to at first if that makes you feel any better.

We were able to play dodge ball on the ship's full length basketball court. We had plenty of fun, and here's a shot of Shadd.

Team Kennon, you're up! (Consisting of Jordelle, Josh, Kennon, Tasha, Shelby, and Shade (Shadd))

Can you believe that there was an ice skating rink on the ship? Travis had an ingrown toenail that was bothering him so he opted to take photos. I just stood in the rink and let the ship skate me around. No, not really, I could have. Do you know how hard it is to skate when the ice is moving? But I can say something that most of you can't, "I've ice skated in the Caribbean, and in the middle of the ocean!"
There were actual Olympic quality stunts and shows performed on this rink at night and on a very rocky sea I might mention.

Ah, look how sweet Josh and Jordelle are!

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