Monday, January 5, 2009

Day Seven of Our Cruise

It finally happend, the end of our cruise finally arrived. I was so excited to see Adam! We spent a couple of hours at an art auction, and ended up going in together with my parents in purchasing 5 paintings by the artist Alexander Chen. I love his realism, and the detail of his paintings. His paintings will take him longer because he will get the detail even if it means using a single bristled brush.

Our Stateroom attendant no matter was always able to find my sunglasses and put them on our little towel animals that he made. His name was Romeo and he was such a friendly guy. We loved this monkey that he made.

Okay, this technically Day Eight of Our Cruise, because we disembarked from the ship back into Miami. Mom and Dad rented a 15 passenger van, but the words "sardine can" still came to mind. As you can see from the shot above there are 10 of us in the back three seats. But in the front bench seat, there's all of our luggage. Beyond that, our scary pilot and navigator. I swear we didn't know where we were half the time. I love you Mom and Dad!

Day Nine of Our Vacation. The Forester girls. The wind was blowing, not extremely hard, but it sure was hard to keep the hair under control. We couldn't help but squint either the sun was so bright. It was 80 something degrees that day, and we flew into Salt Lake with 20 something degrees that night. Boy, I missed that nice warm balmy air. This beach was about 3 blocks from the apartment that Mom and Dad rented in Miami. It was gorgeous with white sand, beautiful water and sky-scraping hotels.

I know, I know there's no people, but I couldn't help it, it was gorgeous.

This guy flew in front of my mom with her camera and then in front of me, and I was lucky enough (Okay, maybe good enough) to get a somewhat decent shot.


  1. Tasha!! Hey! How are you?! It's Nicole Mickle (Cochran). How have you been? I don't know if you have facebook or anything but I found your blog link through Jordelle's page... anyway, I've been wondering how you've been! I hope everything is going great for you and your family!!

  2. oh and p.s. my email is I have a blog but I never use it. So maybe if you get a chance, send me an email!