Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Have some cake and eat it too...

Alrighty here's the deal, I'm in a cake decorating class and I have to decorate cakes. (Duh!) Anyhow I brought the first one home, and it the frosting didn't turn out right, but that didn't stop my lil' guy from making me laugh at the otherwise frustrating subject.
(P.S. Jenna it was a chocolate scratch cake)

He's goin' in!

We have a direct hit!

Mmmm, not bad!

Well, I tried to get away with it!

I was assigned to make a service cake and I did. This one was a scratch white cake. That was a first for me. It turned out pretty good, but really, really, really sweet. Did I mention how sweet it was? :)

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  1. You do so many fun things! I've been looking for some cooking/baking classes but haven't found any that will work for me. I love the pattern on the top of the white cake!